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Free Australia wide shipping for orders over AUD $100. Free international shipping for orders over AUD $200.

Rectangular earrings in swirly blue acrylic, with an array of gold binary code engraved within. They hang from gold toned acrylic toppers.
Binary Earrings

1 review
$26.00 AUD
Pink Acrylic Asymmetrical Earth Worm Earrings hanging from Green Leaf Toppers.
Earth Worm and Leaf Earrings

4 reviews
$25.00 AUD
Asymmetrical meiosis earrings, with black shapes against clear circle backings, hanging from black earring toppers.
Meiosis Earrings: Made from Acrylic Offcuts

1 review
$20.00 AUD
Asymmetrical earrings of a monarch butterfly chrysalis, with one side being a green chrysalis with the other being a late stage black and red chrysalis, showing the different stages of development.
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Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Earrings

1 review
$35.00 AUD
Pink glitter acrylic 'crysalline structure' earrings with yellow handpainted outlines of the crystal structure. Design 1.
A pair of asymmetrical studs. One side is a red blood cell while the other side is a larger white blood cell. Laser cut, and handpainted from acrylic.
A pair of small round red blood cell studs, laser cut and handainted from red acrylic. Closeup view.
Red Blood Cell Studs

1 review
$10.00 AUD
Dangle earrings comprising of a red blood cell topper, with a white blood cell and platelets dangling underneath. Laser cut and handpainted from acrylic.
Small studs in swirly brown acrylic, with T-rex skulls engraved in the center.
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