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Asymmetrical Bacteria and Virus Laser Cut Acrylic Earrings closeup.
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Petri Dish Brooch with tiny microbes. Laser cut in acrylic.
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Dark Brown Trilobite Faux Fossil Earrings from Laser Cur Acrylic.
Laser Cut Acrylic Micropipette Brooch in Blue and Grey Colours. Scientific Instrument Brooch.
Pink Acrylic Asymmetrical Earth Worm Earrings hanging from Green Leaf Toppers.
Laser Cut Acrylic Meiosis Earrings. Black and Pink Round Asymmetrical Earrings Depicting Cell Division.
Acrylic Human Egg and Sperm cell Brooch up close.
Laser Cut Acrylic Large Statement Microscope Brooch being Modelled.
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Blue and Orange DNA Acrylic Earrings being modelled.
Blue and Orange DNA Acrylic necklace being modelled.