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Free Australia wide shipping for orders over AUD $100. Free International shipping for orders over AUD $200.


Physics earrings, necklaces and brooches for all the physicists out there! Find colour wheels, force diagrams, wormholes, quarks, magnets, bucky balls and more. Physics jewellery is handmade from laser cut acrylic with stainless steel findings. Perfect for physicists, physics lovers, physics teachers, engineers, students  and more. Show off your love of all things physics with Science jewellery from Oh Pluto.

Like other Scientific disciplines too? Explore them all here. 

Asymmetrical Laser Cut Acrylic Colour Wheel Earrings showing additive and subtractive colour diagrams. Earrings are being held up.
A pair of black and white 'positive and negative' studs on a wooden earring card. Laser cut from acrylic.
Positive and Negative Acrylic Studs

5 reviews
$6.00 AUD
E =mc2 earrings, with black text engraved into holographic effect acrylic discs. Equation bridges both earrings. Black glitter earring toppers.
Laser cut acrylic doppler effect earrings, showing red and blue wavelength effects.
The Dopper Effect Earrings

1 review
$24.00 AUD
Laser cut earrings with the text 'Be Positive Like a Proton.'
Dark blue dangle acrylic wormhole earrings being modelled.
Wormhole Earrings

2 reviews
$40.00 AUD
Black and Clear Acrylic Physics Force Earrings up Close.
Force Diagram Earrings

2 reviews
$24.00 AUD
Laser cut acrylic quark earrings, , with green, red and blue up and down quarks, and hanging from black earring toppers.
Quark Subatomic Particle Earrings

1 review
$35.00 AUD
Laser Cut Acrylic Resistor Earrings with Black Ohm Earring Toppers.
Laser Cut Acrylic HorseShoe Magnet Earrings. Blue, Red and Silver.
A pair of small subtractive and additive colour wheel brooches, laser cut in acrylic.
Black and white bucky ball earrings in laser cut acrylic. Chemistry earrings for Science lovers.
Dark blue black hole acrylic necklace being modelled. For Astronomy lovers.