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Free Australia wide shipping for orders over AUD $100. Free international shipping for orders over AUD $200.

Make Science a Fashion Statement with Science Jewellery

Show off your love of Science by wearing it! Explore a range of affordable Science jewellery inspired by Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and more. Not just pretty, but educational too – designed and handmade in Australia.

Beautiful and Sustainable Recycled Acrylic Wearables

Explore the range of 100% recycled acrylic jewellery handmade from plastic scrap. Beautiful, unique and each one-of-a kind.

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Meet the Maker

Louise van der Werff is the sole face behind Oh Pluto. From designer, to maker, to social media manager, packer and poster, she does it all.

Learn more about the acrylic recycling process

After extensive research and testing, Louise has developed a method of melt pressing acrylic scraps into new and beautiful jewellery pieces.

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